Certain types of personal information are in a special category under data protection laws, as they are more sensitive. Examples of this type of sensitive data would be information about health, religious beliefs, or sexuality. We only collect this type of information about our supporters, volunteers or staff where there is a clear reason and purpose for us to do so.

When we use special category personal information, we will either do so on the basis of your explicit consent, or because we need to process it for employment purposes, or because it is in your vital interests.

Examples of where we might collect special category data are:

  • If you wish to support our fundraising activities, we may ask you about any connection with Lewisham Greenwich NHS Trust to help us understand more about our supporters.
  • If you choose to tell us, your experiences of the services within the Hospitals.
  • If you are supporting us by participating in publicity for the work of the Charity (eg for a case study about the work of the Hospitals). Where you or a family member or close friend have been a patient in the hospital, we will always ask for your express consent if we propose to use this information, including photographic images, in support of fundraising or reporting our charitable impact.

We may request health information if you are taking part in a sporting event to ensure that it is safe for you to take part, or in relation to an event where there may be a need to provide appropriate facilities or support.

For employees or volunteers, we will collect information regarding your individual medical condition and/or disability so that we can ensure that the role is suitable and that we can adapt our processes or environment to address the condition.