Thanks to our generous supporters, donations have enabled us to purchase five new breast pumps for the Neonatal Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

These new devices will support mothers expressing while their babies are spending time in our Neonatal Unit, helping make a huge difference to both mother and baby.

The Neonatal Unit at Queen Elizabeth Hospital  is a Local Neonatal Unit (LNU) caring for babies from 27 weeks gestation and with a weight above 800gms.

The Unit has a dedicated team of Paediatric Consultants, Neonatal Matron/ANNP (Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner) and Specialist trained nurses.

Our Neonatal Unit colleagues said:

A big thank you to our trust charity! The new breast pumps will make a huge difference to the families on our unit. They will enable our mums to provide breastmilk to their premature and sick babies, who cannot yet breast feed.

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