Staff at the Macmillan Brook Unit unveiled an inspiring piece of artwork, ‘Oak of Hope’.

Designed in consultation with Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust patients, the Oak of Hope was shaped by colleagues in our Trust's Design and Arts teams.

The artwork features messages of hope and encouragement collected from patients on the Macmillan Brook Unit and used to create the Oak tree. The patients' handwriting from the original notes were used in the picture, adding a personal touch to these heartfelt words.

This artwork was kindly funded by a generous donation made to our charity by the family of the late Susan Beaver. Susan was treated for breast cancer at the Macmillan Brook Unit. Since Susan passed away, the Beaver family has extensively supported the unit, and they wanted to give back again to the hospital by funding the artwork.

Pictured above: Nicola and Billy Beaver with Colleagues from the Macmillan Brook Unit

The late Susan Beaver’s daughter Nicola Beaver, said: “As a family, my brothers, Billy and Raymond, and I would like to thank the Macmillan Brook Unit for everything they have done for our mum, Susan. It has been seven years since mum passed away from breast cancer, and we still cannot express how grateful we are to them. The ‘Oak of Hope’ is a beautiful work of art that serves as a reminder of the importance of hope. It is the perfect legacy for mum.”

We would like to thank the Beaver Family for their continued support to the Macmillan Brook Unit in honour of their Mum Susan. 

We are also grateful to Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust's colleagues and patients for creating such a beautiful piece for our patients, visitors and colleagues to enjoy.

If you'd like to help us continue to support our patients and colleagues at LGT, then please consider donating, it's only with your help we can make a difference.

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